Sunday’s…Are for Planning!

Hey there guys! Today is Sunday and on this day I set up my planner for the week so that I can stay organized throughout the week.

Being a mom of five, a wife, and entrepreneur you must stay organized! I feel that when I am organized everything just flows and I honestly feel better. 

I joined the “Planner Community” like two years ago I’m a crafty person so I took to planning quickly. It is very therapeutic and it is fun to do. I take maybe thirty minutes to an hour every Sunday to set aside just for planning. 

Everything that I use to decorate and to plan out my week in my planner I get from a series of stores that include Michael’s, JoAnn’s, Hobby Lobby, Target and Walmart. So here is how my plan is spread looks for the weeks. 

If you want more in depth review and to see how I go about planning I have a YouTube video on a review on the planner that I use and I also have a “plan with me” YouTube video I will link for you guys to check out if interested. 



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