Winter Fashion Must Haves


Hey fashion bloggers and beauties! Here are some must have items that should be in your woredrobe for Fall and especially for Winter. With just these 12 items you can make over 20 different looks.

  1. Plaid scarves; which u can find at just about any retail store, which can add just a little something extra to the right outfit. The one I have shown is from Forever21 for $12.90
  2. Ponchos; their very versatile in the number of ways you can style them every girl needs at least one. Shown from Forever21 $29.90
  3. Leg Warmers; definite must they are stylish with almost any tall boot and they keep you warm as well. Shown from Target $10
  4. Wool Floppy Hats; these hats can spruce up just about any outfit. Shown from Target $19.99
  5. Uggs; yes thee infamous ugg boots every girl should have at least one pair for those casual comfy days and for warmth. Shown tall boot $165
  6. Riding Boots; now these you can never have too many of.  You can wear with jeans, leggings, skirts and dresses. Shown from LuLus $166
  7. Chunky Duster Cardigan; you can throw this over almost every outfit look. Shown from Asos $44
  8. Quilted Vest; perfect for a casual day paired with riding boots shown from Le3no $29.24 and Jcrew $64.50
  9. Cable knit sweater; this sweater is perfect fitted or even oversized by itself or with a plaid, solid, or denim button down underneath. Shown from H&M $49.99
  10. Ribbed Knit Pencil Dress; very versatile piece to have can be paired with riding boots or pumps. Can also be worn with a scarf and wool floppy hat. Shown from H&M $49.99



I also couldn’t forget these two must haves.

11. Distressed denim can be worn with everything. Shown from H&M $29.99

12. Solid color Leggings; black or neutral colors which can also be worn with just about everything. Shown from Target $12.99


Happy Shopping and Styling



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