How I clean my Makeup Brushes for under $1

Hey beauties and fashionistas out there! Thought I’d share some tips on how I clean my makeup brushes on a budget so here’s what you need:

  1. Makeup Brushes
  2. Beauty blender/sponges (if you have any)
  3. zote soap

So here’s what my brushes and sponge looks like before the cleaning.



This soap can be found at Walmart ($0.97) ( ) , and ($1.61).  It can be found in the laundry section and is approximately 14oz it’s a nice size so it should last you a good while .  I just wet the soap and brushes then rubbed the brushes in a circular motion on the soap until I got a good enough lather then rubbed in circles on my hand then rinsed.

The sponge I did the same except I squeezed out all the product and soap with my hand instead of rubbing in circles..

Wala here’s the picture of what everything looks like after looks brand new.


Hope this helps because I know makeup brush and blender cleaners can be pretty pricey especially for a good one. Comment and let me know if you’ve tried this or will try it.


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