My Review on the Peter Pilotto collection at Target

My Review on the Peter Pilotto collection at Target

Hey there fashionistas! As you all know Target is one of my favorite stores to shop so I recently shopped the new designer they have there now who is Peter Pilotto. Pilotto alongside with Christopher De Vos are the designers behind the label. Their perspective of the brand is to embrace women’s elegance. They focus toward prints, shape and drape.
The reason I was drawn to this collection is because me being a designer myself I love to design and play off mixing different prints Shapes and colors so this was just my style. The only thing I have to say is I just wished there was more of a variety of colors in the prints just because of the fact that it’s the same exact print on everything it almost seems like you’re buying the same clothes but hey its just the Target collection right. All and all I really like the pieces I chose. Here are some pieces I picked up myself from the collection ( Left to Right to Bottom)

1. Sweatshirt in Light Blue $29.99
I got this sweatshirt in a size bigger just because I wanted to get the oversized sweater look when I wear it.

2. Floral blouse in Red $34.99

3. Shirt Dress in Light Blue $34.99

4. Tank Green Netting $24.99

Hope you enjoyed my review on this collection! Happy shopping!


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