Worst Dress for 56th Annual Grammy Awards

Worst Dress for 56th Annual Grammy Awards

Hey Guys! of course there is always a worst dress that goes along with best dress. So here is my pick for worst dress for the awards.

1. Zendaya
*So I am all for having your own creative style which Zendaya tends to have but this dress was not her best sorry.
2. Fantasia (Isabel Toledo)
*I must say I was very disappointed in Fantasia gown. She normally dresses very well but this dress was horrible the fit does nothing for her whatsoever and the style looks kind of dated.
3. Chrisette Michelle
*I am all for prints but hunny this is a no go and especially for an awards show. The blazer I would probably rock with denim or even a pencil skirt.
4. Katy Perry (Valentino)
*come on Katy we know you love music you didn’t have to wear it.
5. Skylar Grey (Michael Costello)
*this color was all wrong for her made her looked washed out. That cutout in the middle is very disturbing to me and the design of the dress seems to be dated. Now I do really like to detail of the perforated leather thats about it.


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