Best Dressed for 56th Annual Grammy Awards

Best Dressed for 56th Annual Grammy Awards

Hey Guys! So you know I was all over this when it came on last night. Here are my top looks from the Grammy Awards.

1. Chrissy Teigen (Johanna Johnson)
*I am normally not into sequin dresses this by far was my favorite it has great design and shape.
2. Taylor Swift (Gucci)
*Like I said before not a fan but this Gucci dress on Taylor Swift was so elegant.
3. Tamar Braxton (Michael Costello)
*If you know me you know I love Tamar this dress was so elegant yet it fit her in all the right places *she did that*
4. Colbie Caillot (Ezra Santos)
*This dress was simple yet had great detailing in the applique cutouts.
5. Beyonce (Michael Costello)
*Yes Bey does it again I must say I don’t care very much for mesh cutouts but this was just the right amount with perfect detailing.
6. Ciara (Emilio Pucci)
*Ciara looked so cute as she rocked this full sequin dress with her baby bump loved the color.
7. Amber Rose (Naeem Khan)
*Amber Rose really did it this time I usually don’t like the things she wears but she gets a thumbs up from me for this sexy simple yet elegant gown.


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