Top 6 Must-Have Shoes For your closet!

Top 6 Must-Have Shoes For your closet!

1. Basic Black Pump (Christian Louboutin) pictured
Black is classic and can be worn with almost any outfit
2. Basic Nude Pump (Sergio Rossi) pictured
Nude is also a classic
3. Neutral or Black Riding boots (Loeffler Randall) pictured
These boots are def a must have for those days you want to dress down but not so down for sneakers
4. Flats/Loafers (Cole Hann) pictured
Every girl should have at least one pair
5. Sneakers (Converse) pictured
I’m not really a sneaker type a gal but if I must.. I choose Converse.. You can style them so many ways.
6. Stiletto Boot (Guess) pictured
Great for any outfit

These are my top must have shoes every girl should have in her closet! They don’t necessarily have to be these particular brands of course I want you to shop your budget and trust me you can find all 6 of these must have for any budget!! Happy Shopping!


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